Seminars & Workshops

Unlocking Leadership Magic

Is Leadership what you Say or What You Do?
“If you think you’re leading, but no one is following, then you’re only taking a walk.”
- John C. Maxwell

In this 60 minute Facilitated Leadership Seminar:

You Will Benefit By -

  • Exploring a variety of leadership styles
  • Developing a heightened self awareness of your own Leadership behaviors
  • Understanding the absolute necessity of Integrity in leadership
  • Differentiating task-driven vs style-driven leadership
  • Examining how to shift your leadership style to achieve organizational results.

You Will Be Covering -

  • What do leaders do?
  • How do they do it?
  • How do you do It?
  • What must leaders be?
  • Why does this matter to you and your organization?

Unlocking TeamWork Magic

Why Build Better Teams? “Teamwork is a strategic decision.”
- Patrick Lencioni

In this 60 minute Facilitated Teamwork Seminar:

You Will Benefit By -

  • Learning effective training strategies
  • Identifying Communication Styles
  • Discovering 5 easy-to-apply keys for great team dynamics
  • Exploring effective strategies for Conflict Resolution
  • Discovering the true meaning of T.E.A.M.

You Will Be Covering -

  • The necessary role of effective training strategies to achieve empowerment for your team
  • A new perspective on identifying and removing obstacles to success
  • Tools to managing team dynamics
  • Tactical skills for Conflict Resolution
  • Methods for maintaining your Team’s focus and engagement with your vision and goals.

Unlocking Creativity Magic

‘Creativity: when Imagination collides with opportunity”
- James Songster

In this 90 minute Facilitated Creativity Seminar:

You Will Benefit By -

  • Learning to recognize and analyze perceived limitations.
  • Gaining an understanding of three critical roles in the creative process
  • Creating the first steps for a viable action plan to strengthen your organization
  • Understanding the critical role of diversity in a creative team

You Will Be Covering -

  • Tools for challenging assumptions
  • A approach to harnessing the creative process
  • A technique for focused problem solving
  • The significant difference between accepting diversity vs. valuing diversity