Yoga For Chronic Pain

Yoga has been found to have a lot of benefits ranging from physical benefits like increased flexibility, strength, and overall improved body mobility. It also has great psychological and emotional benefits like being calmer, becoming better at being mindful, increased activity in the thinking areas of the brain, and so on. Yoga happens to be incredibly inclusive in its practice and even non-able-bodied people can take part in yoga. However, you need to have an informed yogi teacher to make sure they realize the sensitivities of their studies. Not every yoga teacher is equipped to handle this responsibility, and there needs to be special training done to teach yoga instructors how to be more trauma or pain informed when dealing with this type of population. Some institutions and schools teach certified programs for these. The YTT Yoga School is one of them.

Chronic pain due to a physical condition can lead to debilitating physical and emotional capacity in individuals. Sometimes they might show up to class and can follow through with the routine, and during bad days when their condition might be aggravated, they can either end up skipping class or are not able to get into the proper flow of it. These situations require a yoga instructor that is not only informed about their needs but also empathetic. It takes a lot of work and validation to help these people come around, and you might come across people getting defensive, angry, or even cry during classes, and unless you have the proper skills and knowledge regarding chronic pain and how it can affect people, it would be difficult to meet these people where they are. So, if this is something you want to specialize in for the future, you can look into different certified courses first and start from there.

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