Purchase Aimed At Leasing

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In the case of the purchase of a residential property for its subsequent leasing, it could be more convenient to proceed with an investment as a “private”, evaluating:

the possibility of paying the registration tax on the cadastral value ( and not on the sale price which, in most cases, is higher than the cadastral value );

the possibility of taxing the rents with the dry coupon at 21% or, when the legal conditions are met, at 10%, without prejudice to the absolute non-deductibility of the property management costs ( condominium expenses, utilities, etc. ) ;

ten-year recovery, in the form of a tax deduction, of 50% of any building renovation costs or 65% of energy redevelopment costsĀ buy a house in Philadelphia

the exemption from taxation on any capital gains achieved in the resale phase, where the property has been held for at least 5 years.

Purchase As A Commercial Office

The asset could, however, have an “instrumental” purpose , for example it could be used for business purposes, for example, as a registered office or as a “sales point” of a commercial activity . In this case, obviously, it could be more convenient to proceed with the purchase as a company.

Real Estate Agent

The following are some of the main tax assessments to make:

the impossibility of paying the deed taxes on the basis of the cadastral value , having to calculate the latter on the sale price indicated in the transfer deed;

the deductibility of a large part of the purchase cost of the property in the form of annual depreciation as well as of all costs connected to the property ( condominium expenses and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs of the property );

theĀ  recovery in 10 years of only the energy redevelopment interventions carried out on the property ( in addition to the deductibility of the related costs from the business income );

the subjection to taxation of any capital gain achieved in the phase of sale or, in any case, of the asset leaving the company regime ( as in the case of assignment of the property to shareholders or for the exclusion from the sole proprietorship ), regardless from the period of possession of the property.

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