Vices and defects of the property

The Role of Home Buying Companies

A big risk in buying and selling a property is that which concerns the presence of hidden defects or discrepancies in the property, not reported by the owner.

The vices represent all those construction defects, material imperfections, or poor quality in the realization of a product, which determine deficiencies in the building construction

If the seller conceals faults and defects that can be easily eliminated, he will have to compensate the buyer for the amount of the faults.

If, on the other hand, it hides serious defects in the property , the notarial deed can be terminated, or the sale price may be reduced proportionally.

Errors in the presentation of documentation

The third major risk of selling a house without an agency is that of making mistakes in presenting the documentation necessary for the sale , with the potential cancellation of the notarial deed .

What documents are required for the sale of a house and where can you find them?

Certificate of provenance , represents proof that you are the owner of that property. If you can’t find it at home, you can request it from the property register office or contact the notary who stipulated it.

APE ( energy performance certificate ) , defines the characteristics and energy performance of the property. It is a mandatory document not only for the sale, but also to be able to advertise the property. The APE must be drawn up by an accredited entity for a cost ranging from 150 to 250 euros.

Survey and cadastral plan , respectively identify the characteristics of the property? Personal data of the owner and the design of the property with the layout and measurements of the various rooms.

Building and urban planning documentation , including certificate of viability , building permit, urban planning and building practices. To obtain these documents, access the deeds from the private building office in the municipality.

Condominium documentation , includes the allocation of condominium expenses , the last meeting minutes and the condominium regulation. To obtain this documentation, you can contact your condominium administrator.

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