How to Sell Your House with a Tenant Who Refuses to Leave

Selling Your House During a Downsize

One of the most stressful experiences for homeowners trying to sell their property is discovering there is someone living there and refusing to move out. What’s even worse is when they have been given notice but still refuses to leave. Here’s how you can sell your home even with an unwilling tenant:

  1. Begin the Notice Process

It can be frustrating trying to start the notice process when someone refuses to vacate your property if there are multiple tenants living in it. Click here to view our company newsroom:

If your tenant fails to leave after being given notice, the first step you should take is filing for eviction.

Before attending court, make sure all your papers are ready. If unsure of what information is necessary, speak with a landlord-tenant attorney for clarification. Also include details about your property such as its address and description in the documents. You must mail a copy of each document to the tenant; however, they usually don’t need to see it in person.

  1. Be Prepared and Strong-Willed

Being prepared is key when trying to evict your tenant from your property. You’ll need to demonstrate strength of will throughout the process so that tenants do not develop any additional reasons why they shouldn’t leave.

  1. Raise Money for an Eviction

In order to successfully evict your tenant from your property, you will need money in the bank. Avoid taking out a short-term loan as this could delay the process and could cause further damage if they stay and attempt to escape on their own. Before attending court, ask the judge for money so that you can cover rent while they’re being removed from court.

  1. Exhibit Politeness but Firmness

As you appear in court for your eviction hearing, act as if it’s no big deal. Be polite but firm at the same time; state your case clearly and make sure the judge understands all reasons why this tenant needs to leave now. When they give you fourteen days to vacate, take it seriously and ensure they leave within that timeframe.

  1. Guarantee the Tenant Leaves on Time

At the end of fourteen days, return to court and ensure your tenant leaves on time. You may need to give them additional time if they show resistance or engage in arguments during this period.

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