Home Improvement Ideas: Why Choose Terrazzo Flooring?

The terrazzo floors took laminate flooring. The terrazzo floor is the reigning champion when speaking of a type of flooring. Why? A brief description of why terrazzo flooring has been a reigning champ when it comes to flooring:

  • Durable
  • A variety of colors available
  • Rarely needs refinishing
  • Extension design options
  • Slip-resistant
  • Meets LEED requirements
  • Hypoallergenic

Yes, hypoallergenic means it is very friendly to children.

Terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo flooring is a material that contains crist aggregate in either epoxy matrix or cement. The material is very versatile. You can install the epoxy terrazzo with no joints for a seamless transition or install terrazzo tile that is lighter than the other stone tile and ceramic options.

Materials used for terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo is made up of composite material, precast and used for wall and floor treatments. It consists of chips of the following materials:

  • Marble
  • Quarts
  • Granite
  • Glass
  • Other suitable material

These materials are poured with cementitious binder for the chemical binding process and polymetric for the physical binding process; or a combination of both.

Design of terrazzo tile

Terrazzo tiles are the best option when looking for unique floor designs. Terrazzo creates about anything you can imagine. You can throw in different colors, logos, and arts designs that perform on-site or in situ.

Easy to install

Terrazzo flooring needs a professional installer to install it. These professionals will thoroughly inspect the floor to ensure that the installation process goes right. The professional terrazzo flooring installers will inspect for floor moisture-related issues and trowel the terrazzo floor before it brings to a polished finish. The difficulty of putting up a terrazzo floor is truer when difficult designs are involved.

Best durability

Terrazzo floors are known for being durable. Once you try walking into an older building, you will notice that the terrazzo floor continues to uphold until today. These are installed in traffic areas because of low maintenance and long-lasting results. A property owner needs not to worry about stains or discoloration as terrazzo is not prone to these issues.

Use proper sealers and cleaning methods when installing terrazzo flooring. Yes, ceramic tiles can be a less inexpensive option, but may easily get cracked than the terrazzo tile floors.

Is terrazzo flooring considered a luxury?

Yes, terrazzo is considered a new luxury in the world of interior design because of its hard-wearing and waterproof properties, making it suitable for floor covering in all rooms, even the kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

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